US Road Signs


 Stop  Yield  4 way  all way r2-1_30 r2-1_55 r2-1 r2-1metric r2-2
r2-4a r2-4 r2-5a r2-5b r2-5c r3-10a r3-10 r3-11a r3-11b
r3-11 r3-12a r3-12 r3-13 r3-14a r3-14 r3-15a r3-15 r3-16a
r3-16 r3-17a r3-17  No right turn  No left turn  No turns  No U turn r3-5a r3-5b
r3-5 r3-6 r3-7 r3-8a r3-8b r3-8 r3-9a r3-9b r3-9c
r3-9d r3-9f r4-1 r4-2 r4-3 r4-5 r4-6 r4-7a r4-7b
r4-7 r4-8 r5-10c r5-1a  Do not enter r5-2 r5-3 r5-4 r5-5
r5-6 r5-7 r5-8  One way (left) r6-2 r6-3a r6-3 r7-107a r7-107
r7-108 r7-1 r7-201a r7-201 r7-2a r7-2 r7-3 r7-4 r7-5
r7-6 r7-7 r7-8 r8-1 r8-2 r8-3a r8-3c r8-3d r8-3
r8-4 r8-5 r8-6 r8-7 r9-1 r9-2 r9-3a r9-3b r9-4a
r9-4 r10-10 r10-11a r10-11b r10-11c r10-11d r10-12 r10-13 r10-1
r10-2a r10-3a r10-3 r10-4a r10-4b r10-4 r10-5 r10-6 r10-7
r10-8 r11-1 r11-2 r11-3a r11-3b r11-4 r12-1 r12-2 r12-3
r12-4 r12-5


w1-10 w1-1 w1-2 w1-3 w1-4 w1-5 w1-6 w1-7 w1-8
w1-9 w2-1 w2-2 w2-3 w2-4 w2-5 w2-6 w3-1a w3-2a
w3-3 w4-1 w4-3 w4-4p w5-1 w5-2a w5-2 w5-3 w6-1a
w6-1b w6-1 w6-2a w6-2 w6-3 w7-1a w7-1b w7-1 w7-2b
w7-2 w7-3a w7-3b w7-3 w7-4b w7-4c w7-4 w8-11 w8-1
w8-2 w8-3 w8-4 w8-5 w8-6 w8-9a w8-9 w9-1 w9-2
w11-10 w11-12p w11-1 w11-2 w11-3 w11-4 w11-5 w11-8 w12-1
w12-2 w12-2p w13-1 w13-2 w13-3 w13-5 w14-1 w14-1p w14-2
w14-2p w14-3 w15-1 w16-1 w16-2a w16-2 w16-3a w16-3 w16-4
w16-5p w16-6p w16-7p w16-8 w17-1


d1-1a d1-1 d1-2a d1-2 d1-3a d1-3 d2-1 d2-2 d2-3
 Parking d4-2 d5-1 d5-2 d5-3 d5-4  Picnic Table d5-5  Scenic Area Right
d6-2  Scenic Overlook  Weigh Station 1 mile  Weigh Station Next Right  Weigh Station  Info  Diesel  Sewage  Hospital
 Police  Propane  Phone  Hospital H  Camping  Trailer  Handicapped  Dining  Gas
 Hotel i1-1 m1-1 m1-2 m1-4 m1-5 m1-6 m1-7  Junction
m2-2  North  East  South  West  Alternate  Alternate  Bypass  Business
 Truck  To  End  Temporary m5-1 m5-2 m6-1 m6-2 m6-3
m6-4 m6-5 m6-6 m6-7 m6-8 m6-9 d10-1 d10-2 d10-3
d13-1 d13-2  Snowflake


em-1 em-2 em-3 em-6a archery double_exit family fishing group_camping
group_picnic hang_glider helicopter hiking info intersection kayak laundry left
logo_panel motorbike no_campfire no_smoking offroad picnic ramp right seaplane
shelter single_exit_2 single_exit skilift swimming windsurf


e1-1a e1-1 e1-2a e1-2 e1-5 e2-1a e2-1 e5-1a e5-1
e11-1a e11-1b e11-1c e11-1 exit_arrow exit_general_services exit_interstate exit_label_services  Freeway Left Exit
exit_park_ride exit_sequence exit_state interstate_2digit interstate_3digit next_services park_ride  Freeway Rest Area state_2digit_black
state_2digit state_3digit_black state_3digit

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