Denali viewed from the north

Denali: Landsat Image and 3D DEM

I scanned a 1-meter wide poster of a Landsat image of Denali National Park and the mountain formerly known as Mt. McKinley, North America's highest peak. Since I used to live in Alaska and one of the things I did at my job at the Alaska SAR Facility is to line up (co-register) satellite radar images and digital elevation models (DEMs, or height images), I felt I should put those skills to good use. This was also a class project in John Hart's CS 419 course in Scientific Visualization.

You can read about my trials and tribulations in assembling the entire image from separate scans, assembling the DEM and registering the image, or just enjoy the finished product below.

These images show the final, registered Landsat image and an image version of the elevation model, both at incredibly reduced resolution.

The Landsat MSS image, at approx. 320m/pixel.

The corresponding USGS elevation model.

You can get the full-resolution (4096x4096 pixel) scan and elevation map in this .zip file, which is described well by its readme file.

Luckily, because the US Government allows free redistribution of Landsat data and USGS DEMs, I can give these away under my free license.

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