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MAA MathFest '99 Conference Photos: Gregg Christopher, Jason Tedor, and I attended the Mathematical Association of America's 1999 MathFest meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. We came to give a presentation on our winning 1999 MCM paper, "A Pair of Evacuation Models for Determining Room Capacity". We arrived on Thursday, July 28-- they flew, I drove. We drove up to Boston on Friday to see the Boston Museum of Fine Art's John Singer Sargent exhibit as well as Fenway park. Sadly, we could only drive by Fenway park, as there was a Red Sox-Yankees game that night and hence gobs of fans. We searched for a parking spot in downtown for about 3 hours, finding success only after most of the shops were closed. (1-8 are of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts) The meeting was interesting, but many talks were generally trivial, uninteresting, or unintelligible. There were definitely fun parts, though. I heard my first intelligible description of wavelets, and got piles of good simulation ideas. (9 and 10 are of the Rhode Island Convention Centre and Westin Hotel respectively, where the conference was held.)

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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