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Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Downtown Manhatten Saturday, July 24, 1999 I drove down to Jersey City, New Jersey today to visit the Statue of Liberty. It was pretty crowded, darn hot, and smoggy as usual, but wow-- what an object! There's only one way to describe the Statue: "friggin' huge." The granite pedastal she stands on is 10 stories high, and she extends 12 stories above that. The French invented the metalworking technique of "repousse" (working a thin piece of metal against a bowl of pitch or wooden form). Liberty's outer hull is a repousse'd copper sheet held in place by form-fitting iron supports. Most of the interior (except for the central staircase and girder) is very open-- you can look straight up from inside her toes all the way to her neck. Sadly, I wasn't allowed to climb the stairs to the crown (only to the very top of the supporting pedestal).

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