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Gengbin Zheng and I took a trip to the IBM TJ Watson research lab in Hawthorne, New York to try to port our parallel runtime system, Charm++, to their new Blue Gene Light machine.

We stayed at the Courtyard by Mariott in Tarrytown, which is just down the street from the Hampton Inn (0011) where I stayed as an intern in 1999.

On Sunday, February 8, 2004, we drove down to Manhattan. 0012 is from the west side around 91st street looking north at the George Washington bridge. There were huge chunks of ice floating down the Hudson, which reminds me of Alaska. 0017 is a church on 71st street. I'm amazed at how much city churches look like they've been compressed horizontally (to fit in the block). Just up the street, I found a Mac 512KE sitting in the trash--I just couldn't pass it up and hauled it home. 0018 is the Hayden planetarium, in the American Museum of Natural History, where we saw the awesome "Search for Life".

We then crossed through Central Park, where I was impressed with the frozen waterfalls coming out of the rock (0025). The weather had apparently been hovering around freezing for weeks.

We passed the former site of the World Trade Center (0028-0029), which was suprisingly small--just two blocks--then worked our way down around Battery Park to the tip of Manhattan. We parked and wandered around the port, staring at the Brooklyn Bridge (0030) and stranded iron ship anchor (0031). We ate dinner at sunset (0035) at a restaurant on the pier, and headed back.

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