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This is Elmsford, New York; where lived while I worked for IBM's research center in Hawthorne during the summer of 1999. I rode my bike around Elmsford this August 15th, taking pictures of everything I could. Pictures 2-14 are a small park, where I happened to stumble across two deer trapped inside the chain-link, barbed-wire fence surrounding the giant blue water tower. I tried the gate, hoping to free them, but it was locked and solidly built. As I tried the gate, the deer ran around to the other side of the tower. I then circled the tower, looking for another exit, and discovered the deer were gone! It took another ten minutes of searching to discover the well-hidden hole (Image06) in the fence. Sadly, I was too chicken to climb the tower, so the rest of the park pictures are of nearby rocks. Pictures 15-23 are my investigations of another water tower, this one visible from my hotel room.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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