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I was scheduled to fly out of Illinois for the last time from O'Hare at 7pm this Friday, December 24th. The day before, I'd finally finished my PhD dissertation, and had to clean out the entire house before my flight out. I was (pre) missing Illinois, and wanted to take a few pictures, as I might never come back.

I'd just picked up a rental car at the Savoy airport, and was headed northbound on Neil street. 9-17 are coming up Neil from the airport to nearly the University power plant, shown in 20-22.

23-24 are coming northbound on Neil approaching Neil and Springfield.

26-31 are westbound on Springfield between Neil and Prospect.

33-37 are northbound on Prospect between Springfield and Bradley.

38-44 are on our block, approaching Bradley and Willis. 55 is coming back up the block.

56 is southbound on State.

57-86 are eastbound on Springfield from State to Lincoln.

87-99 are northbound on Lincoln from Springfield to I-74.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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