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After several attempts to repair the leaking washer in my bathroom sink, and a long search to find a replacement set of taps, I decided to rip out the (probably original 1950's) sink [0039] and put in a modern one. (July 23, 2004)

Luckily, the sink was plumbed using angle taps [0040-0041], so I could replace the sink without even turning off the water main.

The sink was held in with a horribly corroded iron wall mount [0043], along with a number of ancient hairpins [0045]. Ripping these out was completely straightforward [0046], and I patched the old screwholes with vinyl patching compound [0047].

A new sink ships as bare porcelain [0048], and you have to mount up the taps and drain yourself [0049]. This is quite straightforward, the hardest part being getting the sink stopper (a horrible Rube Goldberg mechanism) assembled and calibrated.

With the new mount screwed to the wall [0092], it was a simple matter to drop the new sink onto the mount [0093]. Here's where I screwed up: the old rigid pipe connecting the angle taps to the sink leaked, and rather than just replace it, I unmounted, tightened, and remounted the sink about three times in a vain attempt to stop the leak. I finally broke down and bought a new flexible pipe, which dropped in very easily (luckily I'd bought the right size!) and didn't leak at all.

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