Orion's Photos: places - Illinois - uiuc - 2004 - house - painting

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dscf0015.jpg dscf0018.jpg dscf0019.jpg dscf0021.jpg dscf0023.jpg

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dscf0025.jpg dscf0026.jpg dscf0027.jpg dscf0028.jpg dscf0029.jpg

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dscf0030.jpg dscf0032.jpg dscf0033.jpg dscf0037.jpg dscf0038.jpg

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dscf0039.jpg dscf0041.jpg dscf0042.jpg dscf0043.jpg dscf0044.jpg

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dscf0045.jpg dscf0046.jpg dscf0047.jpg dscf0048.jpg dscf0055.jpg

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dscf0056.jpg dscf0057.jpg vary_house_paint_blue.jpg vary_house_paint_original.jpg vary_house_paint_yellow.jpg

All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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