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dscf0145-165 are my night return flight from Chicago on October 30, 2003 at about 6:30 pm. Virtually all of these shots are blurry, as there was significant turbulence coming in. We approached from the north, heading south-southwest with me sitting on the left, so the shots all face east.

dscf0145 is I-74 (vertical) and University avenue in Urbana.

dscf0178-199 are my night return flight from Chicago on October 12, 2003 at about 9pm. We approached from the north, but passed quite a distance west of I-57.

dscf0185-189 are as we passed over I-74, just west of I-57.

dscf0196 may show the lights of Memorial Stadium.

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dscf0160.jpg dscf0161.jpg dscf0162.jpg dscf0163.jpg dscf0164.jpg

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dscf0165.jpg dscf0178.jpg dscf0179.jpg dscf0180.jpg dscf0181.jpg

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dscf0192.jpg dscf0193.jpg dscf0194.jpg dscf0195.jpg dscf0196.jpg

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dscf0197.jpg dscf0198.jpg dscf0199.jpg

All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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