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I was flying to Calgary, Alberta via Chicago, so took the usual 9am commuter flight to Chicago. Unlike last time (../../2002/air), this time we flew east of champaign. I was sitting on the left side, so because we're heading north most of these shots face west. The day was completely cloudless, but a bit hazy. I believe we took off to the southeast, then circled around to head north.

dscf001-7 are telephoto shots centered on Assembly hall just after takeoff.

dscf0008 is an overview shot of virtually all of Champaign.

dscf0009-10 are telephoto shots of campus.

dscf0019 is the Savoy airport.

dscf0021 is centered on Windsor and Neil. Meadowbrook park is in the foreground.

dscf0022 is zoomed in on Windsor and First.

dscf0025 is where I started to screw up-- I was looking through the viewfinder to frame my shots, so the lens was actually pointing partially down at the window frame.

dscf0031 is an almost totally ruined shot of campus. A number of subsequent shots are totally gone, and have been removed. I'm bummed about messing this one up.

dscf0039 shows us looping over I-74. The Neil and Prospect road intersections are in the foreground.

dscf0044 is pointing west-southwest, and shows I-57 heading south. The Kraft plant is visible in the lower left corner.

dscf0047,49,50 shows the town of Mahomet, Illinois.

dscf0048,51 look down the Sangamon river from Mahomet to Monticello.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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