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Layla and I went back to the Vermillion River, IL on this clear but rather chilly April 6, 2002.

We went in the little-used north-west entrance (marked "2250 N. Road" on the Middle Fork maps) to the Middle Fork State Fish and Wildlife Area, near the tiny Gimlet creek. The road was closed for repairs, just before the crossing into Cox Hollow.

18 shows two hawks perched on the power poles. The left hawk had just been sunning his (huge) wings, in the classic totem-pole fashion!

31-37 show an odd assortment of concrete debris and garbage that fill a ravine only a few hundred yards from the campground.

38-42 are a perfectly flat field filled with corn stubble. I'm fascinated by the process by which details in the foreground blend into smooth unformity when viewed from afar.

43-49 show a gigantic stump and fallen log just downhill from the parking lot. There was actually fresh snow inside the log.

50 is a super-cool piece of road equipment we saw on the freeway on the trip home. It's a Vermeer T-650; a concrete cutter. The big cutting wheel is about 6 feet in diameter.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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