Orion's Photos: places - Illinois - uiuc - 2001 - construction

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This series of stereo photos details the construction of a building on 1st street in Champaign, Illinois. The photos are taken from the second floor south stairwell of the CPM apartment building at 107 E. Springfield (near my apartment, #209). The day of exposure is the filename prefix, starting from December 2000; the time varies, but is generally near 2pm CST.

The photos form stereo pairs, with the left and right images labelled L and R. The camera is the Epson PhotoPC 550. The stereo separation is 18 inches, camera elevation from the second floor is my eye level (approx. 5 foot 9 inches). The photos all face nearly due south, and are taken from the 3rd and 4th rails on the south walkway, as shown in orientation.jpg.

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0623_003.jpg fog_0216_001.jpg fog_0216_002.jpg orientation.jpg

All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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