Orion's Photos: places - Illinois - uiuc - 2000 - construction

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This series of images details the construction of an addition to the library east of Sherman Hall (909 S. Fifth St) in Champaign, IL during the spring of 2000.

I began taking mono photos in early April; and switched to stereo in late April. The stereo photos end when I left the dorm on May 20th, just as the steel frame was going up.

The stereo baseline for the stereo photos was approximately three feet (the width of the largest window), taken from the fourth floor. The windows were quite dusty, so these images contain additive noise.

Preview Image Map 0
10l.jpg 10r.jpg 11l.jpg 11r.jpg 12l.jpg

Preview Image Map 1
12r.jpg 13l.jpg 13r.jpg 14l.jpg 14r.jpg

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15l.jpg 15r.jpg 16l.jpg 16r.jpg 1l.jpg

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1r.jpg 2l.jpg 2r.jpg 3l.jpg 3r.jpg

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4l.jpg 4r.jpg 5l.jpg 5r.jpg 6l.jpg

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6r.jpg 7l.jpg 7r.jpg 8l.jpg 8r.jpg

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9l.jpg 9r.jpg

All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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