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UIUC's own Fighting Illini vs. Northwestern U. Wildcats November 20, 1999; 1-5 pm. Memorial Stadium, Champaign, Illinois. Since I'd never been to a "real" football game, the Illini had a chance at a bowl game, and tickets were cheap ($11!) I decided to attend this football game. I was most impressed by the marching band (first few shots)-- UIUC's marching band (the "Marching Illini") sounds and looks excellent. It being father's day, at halftime they lined up the dads of the Marching Illini to dance to a marching-band adaptation of the soundtrack to Austin Powers-- quite amusing. The Fighting Illini took an early lead, and lead Northwestern throughout the game. The final score was 29 to 7. As soon as the final seconds on the clock expired, an incredible crowd rushed the Illini uprights. Much to the consternation of the crowd, the uprights were substantial steel pipe, and despite having a dozen people jumping up and down on them, they would not break (in fact, they didn't even bend much). Although the marching bands were scheduled to take the field and perform, the crowd stuck around for at least half an hour (despite dry, emotionless PA requests to "please leave the field"), so I decided to leave. The 1924 Memorial Stadium is very impressive-- it holds 68,000 people (about the entire population of Urbana and Champaign!). It was almost totally full, which is pretty amazing.

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