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Pictures of Chicago: 17-31 are from September 24-25 1999, as I picked Layla up at Chicago O'Hare for a week of intensive snuggling. We took the "El" train into Chicago on Sunday and spent the afternoon wandering around downtown. We saw a film crew shooting part of the movie "Rocky and Bullwinkle"-- about 3 seconds of a car chase (pix 27-29). It was pretty cool-- we saw the extras impatiently waiting for 15 minutes so they could walk across the street, heard the director yell "action", and watched stunt people dive for safety as a stunt driver screeched his green car through an intersection. 39-77 are from our trip back to Chicago on October 2, 1999 to send Layla back to Fairbanks (sob!). We drove down lakefront drive, seeing a great lake for our first time and an enormous fountain. We ended up spending about an hour watching the geese and ducks, and snuggling.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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