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Friday we drove up past Bologna again on our way to Treviso, where we stayed at the Maggior Consiglio hotel just south of town on the Terraglio--the road to Venezia. Treviso has a virtually complete city wall surrounded by river-moats, a variety of beautiful bridges and houses built over rivers, and isn't particularly packed with tourists. It's a beautiful city--perhaps the most attractive we'd found. Like Pisa, instead of parking meters, when parking in the blue spaces, you're supposed to display a little ticket on your dashboard purchased from a standalone machine (hidden somewhere on the block!), but we didn't get ticketed though we parked at least an hour at several places--perhaps tourists are exempt, or they only mail in tickets!

Saturday we were burnt out, and attempted to drive down to the sea coast past the town of Jesolo. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, everybody was trying to go to the beach, and the traffic was bumper to bumper for several kilometers *before* the town of Jesolo, so we turned back. We decided to spend the day in the hotel sleeping, reading, and lounging--every vacation needs a bit of that.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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