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I spent most of Sunday, April 3, 2005 and parts of the following Monday and Tuesday driving around the east side of San Francisco bay. I was in the area for a NSF Grant writing conference in Oakland, which I attended with fellow UAF professor Glenn Chappell.

The first thing to note about San Francisco is of course the steepness. Some of the roads [274] lie at what feels like about a 45 degree angle, although it's actually probably no more than 20 degrees. The reason for all this is the bedrock [275-276], which is shoved up as Los Angeles grinds northward along the San Andreas.

Monday evening Glenn and I found an awesome overlook just east of Oakland where we could see the bay bridge, the Golden Gate bridge, and all of San Francisco laid out before us at sunset. I took *zillions* of pictures-- there's a whole "sunset" subdirectory full of them. I'd like to stitch these together into a high-dynamic-range or wide-angle/high-detail shot.

On Tuesday we hiked around Berkeley-- we hit a cheese shop Glenn recommended. "The Cheeseboard" [356-358] is a bustling cheese and break co-op on the corner of Shattuck and Vine. They have a truly staggering variety of cheeses--their list of Goudas alone runs in the dozens. You try to narrow your preferences over the counter with one of the employee-owners (it's a co-op), and they provide samples of likely cheeses. You pick your cheese, they slice and weigh, and you're on your way. Across the street is "Black Oak Books", which has a good mix of expensive antique and interesting modern books.

We hiked up to the UC Berkeley campus, which is nestled at the foothills on the east side of the bay. I'd only seen the clock tower in Debevec and Yu's computer graphics renderings, so it was interesting to see the real thing.

Flying out, I noticed there's a section of hillside being demolished, and a set of roads being put in [394]. It's interesting to contemplate that the heavily wooded stuff we hiked through on the hillsides had probably been equally disturbed. The ground heals fast south of Alaska.

I got some decent shots of Oakland and Berkeley flying out. The flight path was up out of Oakland international, headed just about due north to Seattle. We flew over Almeda island, and I got good shots of the Oakland downtown [404-407], the big interchange off the Bay Bridge [408-412], the big storage tanks near Richmond [416], and Berkeley and the UC Berkeley campus [418-419], although by that time we'd gained a lot of altitude. I also got shots of the Richmond/San Rafael bridge I drove over [420-421] and Berkeley and Oakland from the north [422].

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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