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This is my brother-in-law Eben Wier's house, about 15 miles down Knik Goose Bay Road in Wasilla, Alaska. I took these pictures the day before his wedding, on Thursday June 24, 2004.

He's building the place on sonotubes (cardboard tubes filled with concrete) with a 16 x 32 foot plan. It'll eventually be two stories, but he's materials-limited at this point, so the first floor's roof is for now a big blue tarp.

They'll be on a long road trip for their honeymoon, so they've let their caged rabbits go; they wander the grounds, only running away a few feet when you approach.

The property contains an apocalyptic quantity of stuff, mostly scattered in random places. Nice trees, though!

Just down Knik Goose Bay Road is an inlet that was once a functional, if minor, port. The 1964 earthquake tilted this part of the tidal basin up out of the ocean, so the few ships that were present are now sitting in a sea of grass. The question is, can one claim marine salvage on stuff that's now sitting on dry land?

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