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Photos of the Wrangell-St. Elias Mountain Range Copper River Valley, Alaska. Night of 2003/6/3, from 9:00-10:00 AKDT (UTC -8)

These photos were taken from the Copper River Valley, facing east toward the mountain range, using an EXIF Fujifilm FinePix 2600Zoom digital camera (white balance: sunlight). There are two classes of zoom-- zoomed out completely, and zoomed in by aproximately 3x.

The zoomed-in images have about a 18.1degree vertical field of view.

All but 4 are taken standing in the back of a pickup, camera approximately 10 feet up from the ground. 4 was taken from standing height, approximately 6 feet off the ground.

The weather was warm, in the 70's, mostly cloudy in the afternoon but clearing toward evening.

(FIXME: Use GeoTrans to figure out decimal degrees)

1.) 9:21 PM AKDT

The rest area on the south side at approximately mile 176.6 on the Glenn Highway. Vehicle is aligned with the interpretive sign. 6206'21.94"N,14551'7.51"W

2.) 9:31 PM AKDT

An abandoned driveway heading south into a gravel pit, just east of the ridge at about mile 184.1 on the Glenn Highway. 6206'24.43"N,14537'17.90"W 62.10679,-145.62164

3.) 9:39 PM AKDT

A ridge off the main highway system-- on the west side of the (now abandoned) Glennallen dump. The location is now accessible via a turnoff to the south immediately west of the crossing of the Glenn Highway and Moose Creek, followed by approximately 1 mile of dirt road. Just after the spruce opens up, make a short right onto a campsite.

To the north, a former access road approaches a (now removed) bridge across Moose Creek to the Glenn Highway and the BLM headquarters. To the east, a smaller creek flows into Moose Creek. A bush largely obscures Mt. Drum. 6206'7.88"N,14532'41.56"W

4.) 9:52 PM AKDT

A scenic view off the east side of mile 112.5 on the Richardson Highway, just atop a large cut in the bluff. These pictures were taken quite near the edge of the bluff into the Copper River, near the site of the old (1950's-era) road path. 6204'53.50"N,14526'5.03"W

5.) 10:04 PM AKDT

The head of a Gulkana Airport access road, just north of the main plane storage strip, and west of the north-south runway, at approximately mile 118.3 on the Richardson Highway. 629'23.61"N,14527'54.41"W

A.) 2:42 PM AKDT, 2003/5/20

Taken from a bare ridge on the extreme southern tip of the same ridge as 4. It's cloudy, but you can see quite a bit more snow.

Orion Sky Lawlor, olawlor@acm.org, 2003/6/3

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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