Orion's Photos: places - Alaska - Glennallen - 1995_2001

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Old chemical photos from the late 1990's, scanned and processed February of 2002 using an automatic scanner-separator program by Orion Sky Lawlor.

copper_center_land is a chunk of property my dad recently bought down by the Copper River. He's building a triplex there.

drive_from_alaska.jpg_part2 are some of the only existing shots of the old Lawlor homestead in northwestern Wisconsin.

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copper_center_land.jpg_part1.jpg drive_from_alaska.jpg_part1.jpg drive_from_alaska.jpg_part2.jpg etc2.jpg_part1.jpg etc2.jpg_part2.jpg

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etc3.jpg_part1.jpg etc3.jpg_part2.jpg etc3.jpg_part3.jpg kluane_lake_2001.jpg_part1.jpg kluane_lake_2001.jpg_part2.jpg

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mom_garden_flowers.jpg_part1.jpg mom_garden_flowers.jpg_part2.jpg mugshots.jpg_part1.jpg mugshots.jpg_part2.jpg paula_jeane_gil__hunt.jpg_part1.jpg

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visit1.jpg_part1.jpg visit1.jpg_part2.jpg visit2.jpg_part1.jpg visit2.jpg_part2.jpg visit3.jpg_part1.jpg

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visit3.jpg_part2.jpg visit4.jpg_part1.jpg visit4.jpg_part2.jpg

All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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