Orion's Photos: places - Alaska - Glennallen - 1990_1995

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Old chemical photos from the early 1990's, scanned and processed February of 2002 using an automatic scanner-separator program by Orion Sky Lawlor.

family1.jpg_part2 is our family portrait (Orion, Tom, Paula and Troy Lawlor), circa 1994. Troy's not actually wearing an earring in part2; it's just an unfortunate bit of fuzz in the print. family1.jpg_part4 is from the Christmas of 1995. family1.jpg_part5 is circa 1993.

graduation is my high school graduation. In graduation1.jpg_part1, pictured (left-to-right) are Mattew Weld and Laura Judge singing, Brent Finch at the drums, Luke Weld hidden at the piano, John Kajdan playing base, Chris Fillman on guitar, and myself warming up my Sax. You can just see Mike McSwain, our music teacher, in the background. graduation1.jpg_part2 shows myself, Greg Smith, John Kajdan, and (...dag-nabit. I know these people. The names are gone, though.)

mall_of_america are a set of rather boring stereo photos I took on the way back from Space Camp in about 1990.

museum shows the driveway and interior of a little tourist trap we ran for a few years during the early 1990's. To the far left of the driveway is my Plymouth Turismo.

music shows me jamming on my sax with my brother Damion (interior) and with my high school Jazz band (exterior). From left to right, pictured are Mike McSwain, Vicki Ables, a partially obscured Rob Bowler, myself, Nathan Toby, (?), and Jake Tipton.

valdez shows myself, Duncan Tipton, and Jake Tipton on our 1993 bicycle trip to Valdez, a small town about 120 miles from Glennallen. valdez1.jpg_part4 is rather misclassified--I think it's just before we left, hanging out with Doug Tansy and Scott Shinn. valdez2.jpg_part1 is a tired-out bunch of kids at the Thompson Pass campground at about 3,000 feet and 80 miles from home.

xmas1990 is mostly classic present unwrapping. xmas1990_4.jpg_part2 is rather interesting because the camera's flash is reflected in the mirror on the right, giving an odd set of shadows to my arm. xmas1990_5.jpg_part1 is my brother Damion Haley in a tux; xmas1990_5.jpg_part2 shows Eric Shumar and my brother Damion Haley.

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family1.jpg_part1.jpg family1.jpg_part2.jpg family1.jpg_part3.jpg family1.jpg_part4.jpg family1.jpg_part5.jpg

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family2.jpg_part1.jpg family2.jpg_part2.jpg graduation1.jpg_part1.jpg graduation1.jpg_part2.jpg mall_of_america_s_1.jpg_part1.jpg

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mall_of_america_s_1.jpg_part2.jpg mall_of_america_s_2.jpg_part1.jpg mall_of_america_s_2.jpg_part2.jpg mall_of_america_s_3.jpg_part1.jpg mall_of_america_s_3.jpg_part2.jpg

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museum1.jpg_part1.jpg museum1.jpg_part2.jpg music1.jpg_part1.jpg music1.jpg_part2.jpg valdez1.jpg_part1.jpg

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valdez1.jpg_part2.jpg valdez1.jpg_part3.jpg valdez1.jpg_part4.jpg valdez2.jpg_part1.jpg valdez2.jpg_part2.jpg

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valdez2.jpg_part3.jpg valdez2.jpg_part4.jpg valdez3.jpg_part1.jpg valdez3.jpg_part2.jpg valdez3.jpg_part3.jpg

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xmas1990_1.jpg_part1.jpg xmas1990_1.jpg_part2.jpg xmas1990_2.jpg_part1.jpg xmas1990_2.jpg_part2.jpg xmas1990_3.jpg_part1.jpg

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xmas1990_3.jpg_part2.jpg xmas1990_4.jpg_part1.jpg xmas1990_4.jpg_part2.jpg xmas1990_5.jpg_part1.jpg xmas1990_5.jpg_part2.jpg

All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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