Orion's Photos: places - Alaska - Glennallen - 1982

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Photos of Orion Sky Lawlor from the early 1980's. Taken in Glennallen Alaska.

snowman_1980_feb.jpg: Me with a snowman, at age 3. I can't figure out what's up with the snowman's head either.

superman_1980_mar.jpg: I'm Superman, at age 3. I really liked Superman. You can see how light my hair is--I was born a redhead, had brown hair as a kid, and now have black hair.

artshow_1981_june.jpg: My dad Tom Lawlor (age 32) holds me (age 4) in front of my crayon drawing in the Glennallen community art show. It's pretty clearly an ice walker from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980), which had recently opened, and which my brother Damion was totally fascinated with.

tinfoil_1982_january.jpg: Me in a tinfoil suit, age 5. My favorite Christmas present for 1982 was... a box of aluminum foil. It's so shiny! For several years I was into the Renaissance fair, and actually constructed a number of suits of armor. I later converted a hubcap from an austentatious Oldsmobile (or something) into a shield.

batman_orion_1982_june.jpg: I'm Batman. My giant cheeks are especially prominent when I smile.

radiostation_1982_august.jpg: Me in the studio of the local AM radio station, KCAM. My brother Damion was there to record a segment for Cub Scouts, and I snuck back into the control room and started pushing buttons. Mom writes that little Orion "managed to get his voice live on the air, to the dismay of the D.J.!". I do remember that after getting chewed out, Mom made me pose for the photo, ("Now just *pretend* to push a button, dear"), which is why I'm chewing my bottom lip. My forehead really is a surreal size in this photo--it looks like it's bigger than my nose! Whatever happened to reel-to-real tapes?

erectorset_1984_may.jpg: Me holding a giant bizarre hovercraft thingy I designed and built with pieces from an Erector Set, at age 7 or so. I still periodically find cheap square bolts threaded for #6 machine screws in my stuff. I really loved Legos too.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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