Orion's Photos: places - Alaska - Glennallen - 1980s

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Old chemical photos from the 1980's, scanned and processed February of 2002 using an automatic scanner-separator program by Orion Sky Lawlor.

bday is one of my birthday parties in junior high, attended by John Kajdan (green shirt) and Duncan Tipton (purple shirt) as well as myself (red shirt).

birthday_1988 is an earlier birthday party, attended by (clockwise from left) unidentified, Brent Finch, Josh Geldersma, Sheldon Nalos, Paul Reichman, David Bowler, and myself.

build_little_house shows the 8'x8' shed I built around 1988. It's still standing today, so I'm proud.

chickenpox shows myself as a very skinny, spotted 14-year old.

construction shows me in my early teens working on an addition on the east side of our house. I believe the larger kid to the right of me at the bonfire is Mickey Fischer.

etc1.jpg_part2.jpg is me in 6th grade, holding a construction paper and crayon collage that later won me some sort of prize from Elmer's Glue. For some reason I chose a view corresponding to some fourty feet in the air off to the west of our house, where I'd never been.

etc2.jpg_part2.jpg is my little brother wading in the Yukon river, north of Fairbanks. He's been blurred out below the waist for privacy's sake; he should be glad I didn't just photoshop him out alltogether.

etc2.jpg_part3.jpg shows me at my orange belt qualification for Tae Kwan Do, which Dad and I really enjoyed for about a year.

renaissance_fair_1988 shows myself and a cherubic Troy at the Anchorage renaissance fair, which I really enjoyed. Yes, that's a spray-painted flowerpot on my head. My armor is mostly spray-painted cardboard, but some parts are the inside of aluminum cans. This was perhaps my first experience working with metal; one of my ongoing fascinations.

rockin_gerbils_1988 shows my fifth grade Science Fair project--a Lego maze we had two gerbils run, both with and without rock music blaring. We only did two runs each, so it wasn't a particularly small confidence interval.

room shows me and my Mac Classic around 1990. I was doing a fair amount of freelance computer consulting (installing software, troubleshooting hardware, etc.), and wanted some publicity photos. I discovered how difficult it is to get a photo to actually match your vision.

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All images taken by Orion Lawlor and placed completely in the public domain.
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