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This is the in-slab heating system used by the attached garage at 2380 Steese Hwy, Fox, Alaska. The heating pipes are 1/2" PEX tubing, which is rated for 80PSI at 180 degrees F.

[112] shows where the heating pipes come into the crawlspace under the house. Each pipe is given a number: 1 (red), 2 (blue), 3 (blue), or T (red). Each end of each pipe is given a letter: A or B.

Pipe 1 is a 100 foot loop going around the entire garage perimeter and center. 1B heads out around the center, so it should be hot; 1A is the perimeter, so should be the return line.

Pipe 2 is a little loop through the garage ramp [115]. It goes outside, so it's on a separate circuit. 2B goes through the garage end of the slab, so it should be the hot end; 2A is the return.

Pipe 3 is a short loop around the center of the garage. 3A is the north side; 3B is the south side. The flow direction probably doesn't matter much.

Pipe T (for Tom, who insisted on installing it) crisscrosses all the other pipes, and runs by the main door. TA runs around the center first, and hence should be the hot end.

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